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I saw a really beautiful thing in my first iO level 5 class. There was this guy (James) who was very panicked and so confused about Harold organic openings. He was thinking a lot, getting stuck in his head. He was very hesitant to step out in the opening. It just wasn’t clicking with him yet. He was very worried and his confidence was going down. His team proceeded to reassure that they have his back after a minor “freakout” (for lack of a better word). Saying, “I got your back” and padded him on the back.

And then in the next practice opening, they got the suggestion and one of the players immediately stepped out and pulled James out in the front of the stage and made him the center of the opening. They gifted him right off the top. Gave him a character and a direction to go. Pulled him into things. Gift upon gift upon gift. They made it so easy for him. They threw him into the fire but never let him burn. It was the most supportive thing I’ve ever seen on stage. So cool to see. There was no judgement. No rolled eyes. Just patience and support. I hope to be able to do that for someone one of these days. It was the epitome of “Making your partner look good” and great ensemble teamwork.
It is one of the many reasons I love this art form. The people.

The rest of the opening was fantastic. It had great moments that included, Johnnie Walker, Friends, and being gay for Gunther.

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On September 2, 2015
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