Randy Thomas

"Backstreets Back...alright." -Backstreet Boys

September 16, 2013

Randy Thomas was created in a secret lab in Stamford, Connecticut by mixing the DNA of Denzel Washington, Steve Urkel, and Megatron. The result was a young man with a strong jawline, a penchant for clumsiness, and the heart of a sentient robot bent on world domination. Since then, Randy has been with Roar Theatre for 5 years. In between, he has been in numerous sketches with Roar and Flying Friendship Five.
He is also prone to random turns on friends, family, and enemies alike, hitting them with steel chairs in his ever long pursuit to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Until then, Randy is on the road to greatness as he gets his degree from SDSU, writing as a founding member of Flying Friendship Five, and performs with Roar. When asked to comment for this bio he simply replied “Everything you’ve heard about me is true and more. I’m one in a million”


“Backstreets Back…alright.”
– Backstreet Boys



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