Heather Angeles

September 16, 2013

Graduate of Finest City Improv, Heather Angeles is the newest member of Roar. She has been doing improv since 2014. She started out with the group, Controlled Panic. After the implosion of Controlled Panic, she auditioned for the Incubator teams at Finest City Improv. Being a stand out in the auditions, she earned a placed on the newly created team CamelFlage with, the highly decorated Roar member, Brandon Hensgens. Also, she is a founder of First World Problems. (The improv team, not the actual problems)

She started out as a Roar fan then by high recommendation of Roar Elder, Brandon, Roar gave her a shot to practice with them. Heather exceeded all expectations and was brought into the group the very next day. Now you can see her perform with Roar, every Thursday with CamelFlage at Finest City Improv, and the highly anticipated upcoming duo team, Twins. (with improv prodigy Brandon Hensgens.)



“Don’t waste your energy trying to change opinions … Do your thing, and don’t care if they like it.”

– Tina Fey



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