Looking Back, Looking Forward

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At the start of every year I’ve given myself goals to accomplish during that year. My goals range from little things (finish a 5k) to big tasks (study abroad). I admit I am not the best at completing my goals but it feels great to set them.

One of the goals I set for myself in 2008 was to attend as many auditions as I could. I was a Theatre major at SDSU and I was struggling at every audition I had. It also didn’t help that at that time in my life I struggled with having confidence in myself. At auditions I would get extremely nervous and self-doubt would plague my mind. I wanted to practice auditioning so that I could get good enough to cast in a show at school. Luckily for me, one of the auditions I attended (and was successful at!) was for a new improv troupe, Roar Theatre, that was being formed. At that time I had zero experience with improv but I was fascinated with the idea of making people laugh. So although I was terrified of failing in front of people I had never met and was nervous about this new experience, I set the goal for myself to attend the first rehearsal. That first rehearsal was enlightening and I loved the idea of support and fun that Travis, Roar Theatre’s founder, was preaching. I knew I was hooked and needed to pursue improv.

So I immediately set some new goals for myself related to being a troupe member of Roar; I wanted to work hard at everything that was being taught in rehearsals; I wanted to stop being scared to step up onstage first; I wanted to make a brave choice onstage; I wanted to go out of my comfort zone; I wanted to have a great first show; I wanted to become the best at certain short-form games; I wanted to make people laugh.

Each year I continued to set goals for myself related to Roar Theatre and improv in general. For being a person that doesn’t necessarily follow through with most goals, I’ve had a higher success rating when it comes to all my goals related to improv because I love doing it so I don’t mind putting in more effort to accomplish anything I can. In the last few years I completed many improv-related goals including performing weekly (with Finest City Improv’s house team The World According To), traveling to another city to perform (LA), and getting Roar accepted to an improv festival outside San Diego (Del Close Marathon in New York City).

This year one of my goals as a performer is to inspire someone to be a better performer. I want an improviser sitting in the audience to be in awe of my choices on stage and for them to want to work hard to make similar choices when they perform. My goal as a director for Roar is to help my Roarriors become better performers by improving my teaching methods in rehearsal so that they feel like a majority of their performances are done to the best of their ability.

In addition to my personal goals, I have created some group goals for Roar that I want to accomplish this year. Some of those goals are:

  • Get accepted into an improv festival
  • Have successful monthly shows at our new location Bay Park Coffee
  • Perform at least once-a-month at a different date/time than our monthly shows
  • Perform in another city
  • Learn a new long form format and perform it for a paying audience

I am excited to look back at this post at the end of the year to see if Roar Theatre and I are able to accomplish these goals.

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On March 7, 2016
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