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The Origin:

Roar Theatre was started back in 2008 by comedian masterminds, Travis Doeringer and Holly Mann. It was started with one goal in mind: to make San Diego the number one place for improv comedy. A casting call was sent out , and 12 individuals were chosen as the first cast of Roar Theatre. Under the tutelage of Travis, Roar started doing short form improv shows and entertained full houses with their unfiltered comedy.

The Road So Far:

Since then, many cast members have come and gone. Now Roar is made up of 8 talented performers. Roar is still making people laugh but now with Jen “NitroJen” Abundez as director. We’re expanding our skills as we learn long-form improv to be as well rounded comedians as possible. If you like our show, please tell your friends and help make San Diego the best place for improv comedy.

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On September 14, 2013

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