Improvacation 2014

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From December 13th through the 21st, I was lucky enough to take my first Improvacation in LA. It is something I made up. Where I binge watch improv shows in LA. The point was to see as many shows as I possibly can between multiple theaters. I also wanted to see shows I could never come up to see in LA having a full time job and all. I truly believe that every serious improvisor should go on an Improvacation. Binge watch a mixture of new groups and your favorite groups. I saw a total of 24 shows in the 9 days I went up there. Below are some highlights of my trip.


Favorite Show:

Robot Teammate & the Accidental Party

They are a musical improv group that performs at iO West. What I love about them is their chemistry onstage. You can feel the fun they are having. And they are more versatile when it comes to songs. They can do a great ballad and then do a 3 minute rap in the style of Kanye West. See them if you have a chance.

Favorite New Group:

Shitty Jobs

Room 101:

Experimental immersive improv show hosted by the pop up improv show Room 101. This show was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I think the details is for another post though. Just follow Room 101 on Facebook. Trust me.

List of shows and groups:

Sentimental Lady, Shitty Jobs, The Armando Show, Search History,  Dr. God, JV, Yellow Fever, The Smokes, Room 101, Robot Teammate & the Accidental Party, UCB Cagematch, Fancy Boys, Valkyrie, Discovery Kids, Opening Night, Count Gumdrop, Top Bunk, Roast of Santa Claus, Flyday Night, Calico High, Boy, Wheelhouse, Heyday, Honor Roll, Crash Test, Asssscat,  Frankenyeti, and others I can’t remember the names of.

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On January 12, 2015
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