Front Row: Review of Heather & Miles

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The Group:

I’ve only heard of Heather & Miles (H&M) and seen clips on YouTube. Never seen them play or on a schedule. If you are not familiar with them, they are a duo group of Heather Anne Campbell (Whose Line) and Miles Stroth (The Family, iO). They are a legendary group in LA. All Time UCB Cagematch champs. They went 49 weeks undefeated. So you can say I was very excited when I saw that they were playing at the Miles Stroth Workshop (MSW).

The Best:

H&M have a playfulness to them that I see disappear in some improv groups and they don’t get back for awhile. Its really hard for me to describe the magic that they have together. They can play multiple characters in one scene flawlessly keep track. Towards the end of the set, Miles forgot one of the names of his character. The last ten minutes was Heather giving me hints in different scenes to help him out and Miles never saying it. I can tell that he eventually figured it out but the fun thing was that his character didn’t know it.


This is a must-see group. I recommend this group to any fan of improv. Do what you can to see this group. Easily in my Top 5 groups.



Front Row is a segment where I write a review on new shows I’ve seen. Please keep in mind with most groups I’ve only seen once, so I’m basing my review solely on that one set. Other groups I will review, will be based on the overall sets I’ve seen.

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On April 14, 2015
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