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Travis tells jokes

I’m the best at procrastinating. If procrastinating were an Olympic event, I wouldn’t show up

Let’s Fuck Some Shit Up by Mother Teresa

She spent her whole life partying, she knows what she’s talking about 

I Hate All of You by Mahatma Gandhi

A must read 

Norovirus causes mass vomiting at SoCal university, Norton Antivirus claims students should have clicked the checkbox to enable software in the toolbar

The Daily Paper NewsDec 9, 2015 | T. Doeringer


The Teacher

Teacher: help, I’m drowning!
Kid in a row boat: can you reach my oar?
Teacher: I don’t know, can I?
Teacher drowns
As the teacher sinks, their last thought is: ‘haha, classic’

Science disproves ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ rule

Scientists discover that doctors are idiots, four out of five doctors disagree

Beautiful Jokes: Winter Games


Family Business

Growing up, my dad was strange. I know there’s family businesses, but strip clubs should not be one of them..

Vicious Alien AttackĀ 

Alien attack


If heaven is not an all you can eat pizza buffet, then I’m turning right back around

Motivational coach shot for trying to trademark the phrase ‘I’m going to Bruce Willthis into manifesting’

Jesus takes the wheel

Jesus takes the wheel

Serious about Recycling

Sharon: Wow, you have a lot of recycling bins, which one is for cans?

Demon Hunter: oh, it’s the third one over, between the forcibly removed skeletal systems and the impaled corpses.

We spend an average of 28 years waiting through previews, FBI warnings, and Blu Ray ads while watching DVD’s according to science