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Pick up

Cop: anything you say can and will be held against you

Me: your body

Cop: (blushes) ohh you 

*Cop holds me tight

Starbucks New Slogan

The creative team has assembled to come up with a new slogan for Starbucks.


Director:  Alright team, hit me.

Carli:  Starbucks, we’re your only choice.

Barbs:  Starbucks, we have cream and sugar, you’ll need a lot of it.

Cheedo:  Starbucks, once you go black…

Director:  I’m going to stop you right there. I’m not sure those slogans capture the essence of our brand.

Skasha:  Starbucks, yeah, we’re still doing the venti grandé thing. Fuck you.

Carli:  Or, Starbucks, we invented Ariana Grandé.

Barbs:  Starbucks, dark roasts for light people.

Director:  No.

Cheedo:  Starbucks, we’ll make you shit.

Director: Guys, these are awful, now come on, I need a winner.

Carli:  Starbucks, go fuck yourself

Director:  Why?

Carli:  Because we can.

Barbs:  Because we care.

Skasha:  Can we officially change our name to Starfucks?

Cheedo:  Or even better, Buttfucks!

Director:  We’re not changing our name, and don’t give me any more fucks.

Skasha:  Never do.

Carli:  Here’s a drawing I did for a mascot, his name is Dr. Bloodstool. See, he’s a bloody piece of poop. And he says ‘Remember to drink lots of Starbucks’ in a silly little voice.

Barbs:  Maybe make it should look more like a baby, to connect with the female demographic.

Carli:  Ooh, that’s good, a bloody poop baby that loves Starbucks.

Director:  No, that is not good, clearly I’ll have to do this myself.




Director:  Okay, give me a mockup of that poop baby.