Final Hunger Games book to be turned into 27 movies, one for each chapter

Hunger Games 3 chapter 1

Hunger Games 3 chapter 1

The Daily Paper News

May 29, 2014 | T. Doeringer

Lionsgate has stated that they like money and for that reason, they plan to stretch out each of the 27 short chapters of Mockingjay into its own movie to increase profits.

How will there be enough plot to fill a 2 1/2 hour movie from a few pages, “doesn’t matter” says studio head Don Honson, “it’s got Jennifer Lawrence, everybody loves Jennifer Lawrence.”

Fans were outraged at the news and plan to express that outrage by only seeing each movie once, or maybe twice at the theaters before buying the special editions on DVD.

With one movie coming out per year, Jennifer Lawrence will be 50 years old when the final movie is released, will she be too old to play the action star, “doesn’t matter” said Honson, “everybody loves Jennifer Lawrence.”

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