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Party Quotes – Winston Churchill


Girl Leads Severed Arm Around the World

 Girl stages pictures around the world with the severed arm of a man 




Why I Hate Going to the Theatre by Abraham Lincoln


A posthumous autobiography

Let’s Fuck Some Shit Up by Mother Teresa

She spent her whole life partying, she knows what she’s talking about 

I Hate All of You by Mahatma Gandhi

A must read 

Harry Potter, what’s good


Beautiful Jokes: Winter Games


Statler and Waldorf


Burt Macklin Dinosaur Hunter

Burt Macklin Dinosaur Hunter

Burt Macklin Dinosaur Hunter

Starring Burt Macklin as Burt Tyrannosaurus Macklin 
and Janet Snakehole as Janet Snakehole

Shame of Thrones

Cersei Lannister hot

Worlds First Vegan Car Introduced

The Daily Paper News
May 4, 2014 | T. Doeringer

The worlds first 100% vegan all natural car has been unveiled.

Vegan car


Hippies the world over are lining up to pay the exorbitant costs to own a certified organic automobile.

“It runs on hemp oil and and the seats are made out of recycled dreadlocks” exclaimed one out of it fellow who went by the name ‘Treehouse’

Organic car

It doesn’t actually move, as that would cause pollution, but it is a step in the right direction. The biggest downside according to critics is that the car will not last more than a week before it is no longer useable.

“That’s because it’s not full of chemicals and preservatives” yelled one angry hippy who had been looking over my shoulder as I wrote this article.



Seal opens ‘Club Seal’ nightclub to the dismay of many

The Daily Paper News
Feb 11, 2015 | T. Doeringer

Club Seal

The artist Seal, best known for being married to Heidi Klum, is prepping for the grand opening of his nightclub curiously titled ‘Club Seal’

Demonstrators dawning fake seal carcasses gathered out front to protest the opening. They believe the club name will make the early 90’s fad of clubbing seals kitsch again.

“Hipsters will ironically take up any activity if it makes them feel unique” said one protester

Seals, unaware of any possible danger, have had little response to requests for interviews beyond random barking and balancing of inflatable balls.

One seal did go on record to say: “the club can’t even handle me right now”


Ikea Crime Scene

Ikea Crime Scene

Bill Cosby’s Coke and a Smile

Bill Cosbys Coke and a Smile