Law and Order

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Recently we did a show where we had to improvise a law and order episode. The show was incredibly fun, and was the result of us having fun with each other. We we messed with each other on stage, we are tried to make each other laugh and we were simply playing. One of the things about improv is that you can easily forget the reason you started doing this, to have fun and bring joy. You forget about just trying to have fun and be in the moment with your partners and whatever happens next doesn’t matter because you are having fun right now. One of the mistakes we make with improv is that we can sometimes take it to seriously, and I personally believe that is how we often find ourselves in a rut or feel like we aren’t in the moment.

Worrying how to improvise correctly, listening, not denying, saying yes and as well as many other things keeps us in our head to a point that we forget the most simplest thing about improv. Having fun. The reason our Law and Order show was so fun and awesome was because we forgot about all the other shit that was bogging us down and we decided to have a ball. Sure some of us didn’t have that much experience with Law on Order, I would never expected everyone to have. But what was more important than knowing the show was just hanging out with your friends on stage and having the best time possible. As the saying goes: all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. For the instance of improv, that’s litterly the case.

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On March 25, 2015

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