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They say you only remember the bad shows. That’s mostly true. Recently, I had my best show yet. It was probably the most fun I had in a show. The thing about great improv shows, is that you are not in your head most of the time. You are trying to be in the moment and react. Because of the nature of improv, for me, it’s hard to pinpoint what I did differently to make this show so above average. As soon as I stepped off the stage the show just escapes my head and I can’t remember it very well. I do know that I didn’t do anything different this time. I approached the scenes the way normally do. I did nothing different.

Up Yours

The show was at Finest City Improv. I was a guest performer with
Up Yours, a local puppet improv group led by my buddy, Jazz. I have never performed with puppets before. This set had an excellent audience. We controlled them. We had them chant with us, clap on command, etc. They were really into the show. I had a lot of fun with the characters I did. I got to be a sassy black mother character, also a prostitute who doesn’t card minors. I made Jazz sing Boyz II Men and in retaliation he made Gaston (2nd member of Up Yours) and I mimed a tennis match for a minute of us just jumping, going back and forth and hitting the ball. Talk about exhausting. Everything about the show was so great. After the lights when off, I walked off stage, went through the back door to the outside, and walked towards the front entrance of the theatre to meet up with some friends. During the walk from the stage to the front, I experienced an improv high that I haven’t felt for a couple years.  It is a show I will remember for the rest of my improv career.

Was it because I performed with different people? The puppets? Did I “Yes, And” more? I’ll probably never know.

Love, Brandon

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On July 13, 2014
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